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Mother of the Bride Speech Samples

For those looking for some Mother of the Bride speech examples check out a few that my visitors have sent to me.
These are just real life examples of what YOU can do once you have my Mother of Bride Speech guide in your hands.

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Mother of the Bride Speech Example #1

"I hope everyone is enjoying themselves so far, because I know today is just about the happiest day of my life. I say just about because seeing my daughter, Ashley, get married reminds me of my wedding way back. I wonít say how many years ago it was, but it was a moment that changed my life forever and I know Ashley will be able to look back on today and feel the same way.

Whatís a life spent being alone? Letís face it, not very much. The jewels that make our lives so rich are the moments we spend with the people we love. True happiness comes from sharing your lives with others. Sometime itís easy to do. Sometimes itís difficult to open up. But having someone who you know will be by your side through thick and thin, through your successes and your failures makes the hard parts more bearable and you can focus on creating those wonderful memories....Read more

- Penny O.

Mother of the Bride Speech Example #2

"Good afternoon/evening everyone. Thank you all for coming today to celebrate my daughter, Ericaís marriage to our new son-in-law, Brock. Everything has gone so well and I want to thank each and every one of you who helped make today run so smoothly, but that would take too long. But please know our family is grateful for all your help.

To Erica, I still canít get over how stunning you look. Iíve had to stop myself a few times from staring because I swear a moment ago you were no bigger than my knee prancing around in your old princess costumes. Now you have your own fairy tale come true and my heart could just about burst. Youíve grown up to be a fine young woman and I couldnít be more proud of you.

To the newest member of our family, I thank God every day that he brought you into my girlís life. You make her happy in ways I never could. When she first started going out with you, thatís all we ever heard about. Brock this and Brock that. On and on she went....Read more

- Carol Rogers, TN


I hope you have enjoyed reading my sample mother of the bride toasts above. All are real and really pack a punch at weddings. Please click below and read more about my guide...and learn how I can provide you with 15 FREE mother of the bride wedding speech samples like the ones above.

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